Installation guide for Automower 310/315

Anleitungen und Einbauvorschläge für das Hx-Modul in verschiedene Mäher-Modelle
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Installation guide for Automower 310/315

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This guide describes how to install the Robonect Hx module in the new edition of Husqvarna Automower 310 and 315, ie devices manufactured 2016 and later. Installation is also possible on older models, but since the connectors are different this guide won't match.

I've looked much at other guides on this forum while making the guide. Also I didn't snap any photos of my own while installing, so I simply used photos from other threads. Big thanks to Saugbär, grisu and of course to Fabian who made all this possible!

Feedback on this guide is much welcome ;)

:!: Be sure to observe the following points before you install the module:

The Robonect Hx module is not an original Husqvarna product!
By installing the module Husqvarna's guarantee will be void!
Only touch the board edges.
Never touch the components and contacts of the board.
Neither I nor anyone else on this forum accept any liability for damages caused by the Installation or use of the module, this is all your responsibility!
With the module, functions are automatically available in the Automower, which under normal circumstances would not be available in the model.

You should have ordered the Hx module as well as the 20p-7 adapter. They are already mounted together in the package you get, so essentially you will have a small piece of hardware with a cable attached to it. Beyond this my package also contained a little bag of gummy bears which my son unfortunately digested before I got a chance :D
In addition to the stuff mentioned above, the following tools is required for Installation:

Torx 20 screwdriver

STEP 1: Dismantling the housing

Tools required: Clothespin

- Set the main power switch to the 0 position.
- Turn the mower upside down. Place the mower on a soft, clean surface to avoid scratching the housing.

First we need to remove the cable to the housing.

- Pull the rubber plug OUT of the housing and gently pull OUT the cable. Place the clothespin on the cable to prevent it from going back into the hole.


- Disconnect the cable.

- then turn the AM back and pull the housing upwards as shown in the photo.


- The housing is fixed on two points at the rear and one at the front.

Now it should look like this:


STEP 2: Dismantling the chassis

Tools required: Torx 20 screwdriver

- Remove the height adjustment button by just pulling it straight OUT. Either memorize what it was set at or make a marking so you'll be able to put it on the correct setting again afterwards.


- If you're warried about lost warranty, loosen the warranty seal with a hot air gun.
- Remove the 14 screws at the red arrows on the photo:


- Lift the upper part of the chassis


STEP 3: Connecting the Hx module

- Disconnect the connector from the battery to the mainboard
- Disconnect the MMI cable (that's the cable from the mainboard to the display)


- Connect the cable from Hx to the MMI port (the place where you just removed the cable to the display)
- Connect the display cable to the Hx module instead
- Attach the Hx module to the bottom of the chassis using the adhesive pads


- Reconnect the cable from the battery


It might be a good idea to replace the rubber gasket around the chassis. Now might be a good time to do that.

Also if you want to test that everything is working you can turn the AM on before screwing back all the screws. You can check that the display is working and also that you can se a wireless network with the SSID "Mein Automower". You might get a warning on the display about the bumper being broken which is completely normal since the cable to the housing isn't connected.

STEP 4: Reassembling the Automower

- Put the chassis back on. Make sure the rubber gasket is tight.
- Screw back the 14 screws. Don't screw on too hard! 1-2 Nm is enough.
- Put the height adjustment button back, set to the same number as when you removed it.
- Put the housing back. Just push it down until it clicks on the three points.
- Reconnect the cable to the housing. Make sure the rubber plug fits tight.
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Re: Installation guide for Automower 310/315

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Re: Installation guide for Automower 310/315

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Anleitung zur Erstinstallation
Robonect® Dokumentation (= Gebrauchsanweisung = Bedienungsanleitung) und Support
Forum cooler nutzen: Hervorhebungen machen und Screenshots posten
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Re: Installation guide for Automower 310/315

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I take it, this guide applies to the Gardena Sileno+ models as well as they are based on the 310/315 ?

Thx for a quick confirmation.


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