Double zones

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Double zones

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Hi! Just wanted to write about my first implementation done with the IO module. I have the McCulloch R1000 and I have only support for one guide wire and I wanted to split my lawn into two zones. This so I can mow the lawn on one side of the house but still work/play/be on the other and have watering or any stuff on the lawn without being disturbed or risk to cut something. (some toys have been damages and a deflated kids pool was eaten by the mower).

So I am using one of the relays to trigger a three channel relay for the two zones and the two guide wires. I put some pictures here:
First a simple drawing of the zones. Red is one and green the other. G1 and G2 is the guides. I think you get it. The other pictures is of the IO module and relay in the box I use.

But I do have a request for @admin. I would like to trigger the output (so I switch zones) only when the mower is at the station. Or else it is lost and stopped do to being outside of the work area. It would be awesome to have a way to trigger the output when I get a fault code for being out of the area so I can carry the robot to one area and just start it there.


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