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Show a current status of growth [%]

Beitrag von micleg » Di 24. Sep 2019, 13:57

It would be cool to have a value showing how much the mower has been working actually cutting grass the last few hours. Something like the data the weather based mowing in the AM uses today, measuring the amount of power needed by blade motor.

The average for the last few hours is compared to the measured maximum value (this year or something like that --- individual value increasing when needed) and the status is then NN% of this max value. Max is 0 from the beginning but immediately set to a higher value when the mower starts and starts fighting the grass :)

I can look at the number and say "shouldn't mow, it is just bad for the grass because the growth is only 20%" or there could be a weather limit that says "mow one hour each new day, if growth is less than 25% park until next day".
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