Robonect Extension port - functions

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Mäher: Husqvarna Automower 320
Firmware des Mähers (MSW): MSW 6.xx.xx
Herstellungsjahr: 2015
Robonect-Modul: Robonect Hx (Rev.5)
Robonect Firmware: 0.9c

Robonect Extension port - functions

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Since a couple of weeks, I'm a new owner of a Robonect device for my HUSQ 320. I'm looking for the functions associated to the 10 pins extension port of the Robonect. I see TX & RX and Gpios.
- Is there any way to "program" the Robonect through the serial port and the GPIos ?
- Can it be used to send "commands" to the Robonect ?
- Is the Firmware of the Robonect Closed or Open ?

I have also a question about the large 20 pins flat cable of the Robonect:
- Is there any picture with the pinout of the large plug ?
- Is it documented / accessible ?

- On the HUSQ 320 mother board, there are 4 Aux ports (with TX/RX and power pins). Does any one of you have already explored what we can do with these ports ?

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